About Us

About Us

14039932_10157259605880527_4744429977039050887_nSo how did this all start.  In 2008 I gave my son a wooden Semi Truck that my father had built me when I was his age.  I was a truck that I could play with and drive it all around the house.  A neighbor built me a second truck, so I had a fleet of two trucks and two trailers.  The only problem was that the trailers could only be pulled by its mated tractor.  It always bothered me but I never said anything.  After my son played with the two trucks for about 5 minutes he asked why the trailers could only be pulled by its mate.  I told him it always bother me as well.  It would have taken five minutes to correct this, but I told him I would just build him a new truck with four new trailers.  Once that was done, the guys at work were impressed and I had an idea.  I would build each firefighter that was assigned to me a tractor and two trailers for each of their sons.  Thirteen tractors and 25 trailers later, I was ready for the upcoming holiday season.

As I shared my accomplishment, the statement was made by a few of the firefighter that they did not have sons, but daughters.  So I sat done, thought for a bit and came up with a new plan.  For the girls that were newborn to three years old and ten an older, I would build a small chair.  The older girls could display their favorite doll or stuffed animal, the younger ones with have a chair they could sit in.  As for the girls that were four to ten years old,

Pierce Booth
FRI 2012

I would build them a cradle for the dolls.  10 chairs and 12 cradles later, I was ready to give all the gifts away.  So I though a Christmas party invited everyone to come.  The kids went crazy and it was a great day.  Then one of the firefighters asked if I thought I could build a fire truck.   And that is how it started.


SPAAMFAA Denver / 2013

I am currently a Battilion Chief with the Brighton Fire Rescue District in Colorado and have been in the Fire Service for over 28 years.  I enjoy being a firefighterand could not image doing any other job.  My passion is fire trucks and woodowrking, so this worked out well.  Because of our work schedule, I am able to combine my two passions and complete about 20+ trucks a year.  I am blessed for I get to work with my father on the projects and my Uncle Dave also helps out (he makes the bells).  I hope you enjoy the web-site, the trucks that I have built as  much as I do building them.