Connelly Fire Department

As I continue with these projects, I sometimes get the opportunity to display the trucks at events.  I have shown my trucks at Fire Department shows, Antique truck shows, FRI and even local schools.  In order to attend these events, I have to have trucks to take.  The idea struck me to build my own fleet of trucks, displaying different types and builders.  But I needed a Fire Department to use for the fleet.  I picked the Fire Department that my great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle were volunteers with.  Yes there is a Connelly Fire Department in New York.    Here are the apparatus as I have assigned to each station.

Fire.0200      4 E22-11      Fire.0152


   Reserve Engine 11- Crown Coach 50ft Telesquirt Pumper

Tower 21 - E One 165ft Bronto Skylift      Reserve Engine 21 - Mack CF Pumper      Fire.0174

Fire.0184           Ladder 41 -Pierce Dash CF 100ft TDA

De-Con 41       Engine 51 -Pierce Quantum Pumper      Tower 51 - Pierce Quantum 100ft Mid Mount Ladder

Fire.0170     Reserve Engine 51 - American LaFrance 50ft Telesquirt     Fire.0168


Squad 61 - Pierce Dash PUC Engine     Tower 61 - Sutphen 100ft Mid Mount Ladder     Foam 61 - Pierce Quantum Industrial Fire Engine


Fire.0173     Tanker 71 - Pierce / Kenworth 3,500 gallon Tanker      Fire.0171