It did not seem right to build trucks for the largest Fire Department in the United States.  I think that at one time, every firefighter in the U.S. wanted to work there.  The world became aware of the F.D.N.Y. on Sept. 11th as 343 of their firefights gave their lives while doing their duty.  Never Forget.

” City of New York Fire Department “

From my point of view, they have so many trucks to build, that is hard to chose.  But here are a few that have caught my eye.

Squad 252 – Seagrave Pumper

DSC02907      Fire.0161

Engine 82

Ladder 3

Tower Ladder 12


Engine 3 – Seagrave Pumper

Engine 10 – Seagrave Pumper

36860     Fire.0182

Ladder 10 – Ferrara 100ft Rear Mount Ladder

fdnytrucks_l10     Fire.0183