The ladder truck, the pride of most fire department’s fleet. The ladder can be made out of steel or aluminum, the turntable is in the middle or in the back. Currently, they can reach up to 125 feet in length in the United States. They can be just a ladder or can have a platform or bucket at the end. No matter how they are designed, they are big trucks. Our trucks are 5 3/8 inches wide, start at 5 ½ inches in height and could be up to 40 inches in length.

Spartan / Smeal 100ft TDA

Pierce 100′ Heavy Duty Ascendant Aerial


 Cherry Point Military Base, North Carolina – Ladder 41

DSC07863      20131025_162849

  City of Denver, Colorado – Truck 4

Fire.0146      IMG_5551

Pleasant View, Colorado – Truck 41