Fire 0243

This ARFF (Airport Rescue Firefighting) truck was the first big heavy hitter for protecting airplanes.  The Oshkosh P-15 Truck, Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) is a 65 ton, 8×8 vehicle that was first fielded in 1977. It carries 6,100 gallons of water and 515 gallons of foam, designed for all-weather operation at airfields for fire suppression. Two 1,250 gpm pumps and two 1,200 gpm turrets delivered the water and foam.  The P-15 ARFF is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V92F V-8 engine mated to an Allison 5-speed transmission. It weighed 130,860 lbs., with dimensions length 45.2 ft., width 10.0 ft., and height of 13.8 ft.  This P-15 was built for the Military Firefighter Heritage Foundation.  I have wanted to  build this rig for many years.